New Crown Inn

Time was when Devonport had two New Crowns, one became the Crown Hotel (Chapel Street – still standing but no longer a pub) the other was in Garden Street, on the eastern side of the street and just north of Albert Road.

There had been an earlier New Crown in Fore Street in the early part of the nineteenth century, presumably named in deference to an earlier Crown Inn (on the corner of Cumberland Street and Chapel Street, Devonport, which was rebuilt in the late-nineteenth century and became the New Crown, referred to above, in Chapel Street). Certainly there was no new monarch to commemorate in this way when we first find record of this New Crown Inn, in the 1860s – Victoria came to the throne in 1837.

This particular New Crown, never more than a beerhouse, closed for good in February 1929.


1864 - John Symons
1867 - Sampson Frost
1870 - John Hawke
1877 - W Pierce
1882 - Henry Towell
1901 - Thomas Bray
1902 - W Widdicombe
1907 - C Moore
1908 - William Scorey
1909 - John Browse
1910 - R Comedew
1912 - K Sass
1926 - Elizabeth Wood