New Castle Inn

With no information about an Old Castle Inn in Stonehouse, it is perhaps a little odd to find reference to a New Castle Inn. The first two words always appeared separately, so there would appear to be no suggestion that this was named after the celebrated home of the Geordie, so why New Castle or indeed why Castle at all? Could it have been an acknowledgement of the castellations that adorned the imposing Stonehall mansion that formerly stood at Stonehouse? Whatever the answer, one thing we do know is that Barrack Street itself, which once housed the New Castle Inn, is no more. Three quarters of it was pulled down to make way for the extension to the Royal Marine Barracks in the 1860s while the remaining section became part of what was then the newly developing Admiralty Street.


1850 - John Rosevear
1857 - Robert Pashen
1862 - Mary Pashen