Nelson Arms

The building still stands today and for many years it operated as an off-licence, but in its early days the property on the corner of the Old Laira Road and Riga Terrace was known as the Nelson Arms. The choice of name was straightforward enough as the Old Road was originally built as a succession of separate terraces, Gordon Terrace and Alvington Terrace were on the other side of the road and Albert Terrace was on the other side of Riga Terrace.

Curiously enough it appears to have been the only pub in the wider Plymouth area to have been named this simply after Nelson, although there were at least four Lord Nelsons (in Castle Street, King Street, Sutton Road and James Street). Elizabeth Underhill, who was the licensee in 1895, later ran the premises as a shop, however later, and still in her ownership, this was an off-licence run by Frederick Nelder and later his son, Freddie.


1895 - Elizabeth Underhill