Navy Inn

In an area that, historically, has played host to ships and sailors ever since the Royal Navy was first set up it is not surprising to find public houses in and around the Three Towns with related names. Time was when there was a Navy Inn in Stoke, a Navy & Army Inn in Stonehouse, a Navy Hotel in Plymouth and another Navy Inn in Devonport – today there is just the Navy Hotel still in business, on the Barbican. The Stoke establishment is long gone, the Stonehouse pub was renamed and incorporated within the Artillery Arms, while the Devonport premises, located on the west side of Charlotte Street (originally No.44, later No.101), just up from Albert Road (formerly known as Navy Row) was closed over a hundred years ago … and the building that housed the pub long since pulled down.


1822 - James Tregar
1830 - John Southwood
1844 - Jane Radmore
1852 - William Gay
1864 - William Figgins
1867 - John Fall
1875 - W Williams
1877 - J Glanfield
1880 - B Clapp
1890 - William Kaye
1898 - J Venning