Navy Inn (Mount Street)

Not surprisingly given the significance to the Three Towns of the Royal Navy since its inception, there have been several pubs known as the Navy – two in Devonport, one in Stoke, another in Stonehouse and one, the only one that still survives, on the Barbican in Plymouth itself.

Of the two Devonport Navys, one was in Charlotte Street and the other at the entrance to Mount Street (off St Stephen Street). Leased by the New Victoria Brewery in Weston Park Road, and owned, like most of old Devonport, by Lord St Levan, the pub was closed on 7 September 1921, around the time that the area was in the process of being redeveloped. It stood on the south side of the street, just west of the junction of St Stephen Street and Mount Street – although with redevelopment these to streets now longer meet.


1865 - James Paddon
1873 - Louisa Paddon
1895 - William Davis
1903 - John Phillips
1907 - F Baldwin
1910 - Francis Kerslake
1911 - James Metters