Navy and Army (Lambhay Hill)

Standing at the top of Castle Dyke Lane, at No.1 Lambhay Hill, directly opposite the United Services Inn, was, appropriately enough, the Navy and Army Inn. In the mid-nineteenth century this area was positively awash with pubs and beerhouses, there ten in Castle Street, four or five in New Street and several others dotted around Lambhay Hill.

Most of these had closed by the late-nineteenth century and by the middle of the twentieth century only three, the United Services, the Fisherman’s and the Commercial were still standing. Today only the last two are still operating as pubs, and the United Services is being used for accommodation. Meanwhile almost all the other surviving buildings in this area have been demolished (most of them in the 1950s) and the sites redeveloped as housing. The Navy and Army itself appears to have closed sometime around 1908.


1852 - John Holmer
1857 - Walter Smith
1877 - E Smith
1885 - William Way
1890 - Samuel King
1898 - Mrs C Orchard
1903 - F Harwood