Navy and Army (High Street)

At the beginning of the nineteenth century there were half a dozen or so pubs in Fore Street, Stonehouse and by the close there were a similar number, in the meantime however there had been over two dozen and the street had changed its name from Fore Street to High Street. It would seem likely that that change was prompted by the development of Union Street in the 1820s which meant that Fore Street was no longer the prime or main street of Stonehouse.

The street did however have the Royal Naval Hospital on it, and, at points, it overlooked the Military Hospital on the other side of the creek, hence the logic of having a pub called the Navy and Army (with the Navy first!). Interestingly enough there was another pub with the same name in Pound Street, near the Marine Barracks.


1830 - John Lamacraft
1844 - John Pengelley
1862 - Sarah Pengelley
1865 - Eliza Macey
1873 - WFR White
1885 - H Dawe
1890 - Richard Martin
1895 - William Meynell