Navy and Army (Cherry Garden Street)

With so many servicemen based in the Three Towns in the nineteenth century, especially Devonport and Stonehouse, it’s no great surprise to find that there were two Navy and Army pubs in Stonehouse – where the Royal Marines were dominant – and another in Devonport.

The latter was to be found in erstwhile Cherry Garden Street, the street that became York Street towards the end of the nineteenth century; it stood between Spiller’s Ope (later Lambert Street) and St Aubyn Street and appears to have been in existence throughout the duration of the Crimean War, but not much before or after that time – indeed it appears to have disappeared around the time that Cherry Garden Street was renumbered (and redeveloped?).

Curiously enough, however, there was, some years later, also an Army and Navy pub (note the change of order), in Chapel Street itself, but this too appears to have been short-lived.


1852 - Emmanuel Cole
1857 - William Brock