Morley Inn

It stood at the western end of Morley Street, a somewhat one-sided street that had but few properties on the other, northern side of the road. The pub itself was located in that stretch that, unlike most of the rest of the street, had no front garden area, and which reached right up to the junction with Cambridge Street. Today the site sits buried beneath the south-western corner of the multi-storey car park between Cornwall Street and Mayflower Street, just a few metres away from the back of the Newmarket pub, in Market Way.

It would appear that although, latterly, this was just a modest beer house, in its earlier life there was some link with James Rew’s neighbouring brewery – Morley House. It seems safe to assume that the Morley link is same as that of the Morley Arms at Pomphlett; that is, it refers to the propertied family whose family seat throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was Saltram.


1865 - Edwin Ralph
1873 - Mrs S Blight
1877 - James Smale
1905 - Mrs Hurst
1911 - WH Burt
1920 - Emmaline Soper
1924 - Charles Soper
1925 - Charles Blackler
1928 - John Dodd
1929 - William Blatcher
1929 - Arthur Bailey
1936 - William Punnett
1940 - George Giles
1942 - Vera Andrew