Marlborough Inn

Not to be confused with the Marlborough Hotel, which stood on the junction of Marlborough Row and Marlborough Street, the Marlborough Inn, stood just fifty yards or so to the south, an No.31 Marlborough Street, between the junctions with Cannon Street and Granby Street. At the time at which it was in business however there would have been no mix ups as the hotel was then known as the Artillery Arms, the Marlborough being one of a handful of pubs in the street (others included the Revenue and the charmingly named Old House At Home).

Closed in the 1870s, the inn (and the streets) was, almost certainly, named after Sir Winston Churchill’s celebrated ancestor, John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough (1650-1722), hero at Blenheim in the 1704, in the War of Spanish Succession. Queen Anne presented him with Blenheim Palace in recognition of his services.


1850 - Edward Murch
1852 - Henry Adams
1857 - F Bradly
1862 - R Grills
1867 - W Williams