Market House Inn

The original market at Devonport was principally accessed, by outside traders and customers, by two routes; one through the southern entrance to the town at the end of Cumberland Street; the other straight up from the harbour where so much market produce was landed, at Mutton Cove. The routes of these two paths had a lasting legacy, as they account for the triangular street pattern in the heart of an otherwise almost regular series of streets running parallel and at ninety degrees to each other.

In the middle of the nineteenth century a new market was built, from the designs of JP St Aubyn, and it would appear that in the redevelopment that accompanied this major move, the old Market House Inn closed its doors. In its stead, in neighbouring Barrack Street, was opened the New Market Hotel. The new Market itself was still trading almost twenty years after the Blitz of 1941, and happily the building still stands today, behind the Dockyard Wall, but its future is still uncertain.


1798 - John Mills
1812 - John Barrett
1822 - Edward Veale
1823 - S Rickards
1830 - John Baker
1838-52 - Ebenezer Collins