Lower Hampton Court

A modest Ind Coope (note the Double Diamond sign) beerhouse in Clarence Street, the Lower Hampton Court Inn, stood on a site now covered by the small car-park that sits in front of the Plymouth College of Art and Design.

Built, it would appear, as a private residence, it seems to have become a licensed house by the early 1870s and Nicholas Moore is the first licensee that we can find record of, in 1873 and its closure came ninety years later in 1962/3.

Quite what the inspiration for the name of the pub was, is unclear – Hampton Palace was the residence created for Cardinal Wolsey in the early sixteenth century, however closer to home is the neighbouring Hampton Street still runs between Ebrington Street and Regent Street, although little now remains to link it with its pre-war incarnation.


1873 - Nicholas Moore
1877 - W Rudd
1888 - Timothy Donovan
1893 - William Dyer
1898 - Mrs Adelaide Miller
1905 - T Menhenick
1907 - William Spettigue
1910 - Mrs Caroline Spettigue
1921 - Thomas Allen
1923 - Charles Hockey
1924 - Mercy Hockey
1934 - Reginald Quest
1936 - Thomas Rich
1940 - Fred Bridge
1945 - Violet Smith
1949 - Arthur Ford
1951 - Emily Ford
1952 - Jack Ford
1955 - John Stewart