Lord Nelson Inn (King Street)

There are said to be more pubs named after Horatio Nelson than any other single figure in British history. Lord Nelson is the most common, but there are many other variants – Lord Admiral Nelson, Admiral Nelson, Lord Nelson’s Arms, Nelson’s Head, Old Nelson, Brave Nelson and so on. Certainly Plymouth and Devonport were no exceptions to this phenomenon, as you would expect in a Services based area; as well as the Lord Nelson in King Street, there was another in Castle Street and a third at Coxside. Devonport had a Lord Nelson in James Street, a Nelson’s Inn in Queen Street and a Nelson’s Victory in Pembroke Street. Sadly it would appear that none of them survived into the twentieth century and indeed most of them appear to have been relatively short-lived.

It stood in that stretch of King Street (Stonehouse Lane) between Octagon Street and Manor Street on the south side between the entrances to what were known as Jago’s Court and the Marsh.


1852 - Edmund Jay
1862 - James Creed