Lord Nelson Inn (James Street)

No matter how great the hero, it’s sometimes strange how generations honour their own only to find those gestures all too quickly consigned to history books. At various points in the early nineteenth century the Three Towns sported half a dozen or so pubs named after that great British naval commander Horatio Nelson. There were two Lord Nelsons in Plymouth another two in Stonehouse and in Devonport there was Nelson’s Inn in Queen Street, Nelson’s Victory in Pembroke Street and another Lord Nelson, around the corner in James Street, overlooking the dockyard wall.

Sadly none of them appear to have survived far into the second half of the nineteenth century, nevertheless it remains true that more pubs locally and nationally have been named after the great man, than any other person throughout history.


1814 - William Sweet
1822 - William Fawkes
1844 - Peter Earle