Lord Exmouth

On 26 January 1796, a young naval captain, Edward Pellew, was on his way to dine with the Rev. Robert Hawker, of Charles Church. He interrupted his journey when he saw a number of people running towards the Hoe. The East Indiaman “Dutton” was floundering against the rocks below the Citadel in a stormy sea. There were several hundred soldiers on board, along with a number of women and children and there was widespread panic on the sinking ship and a seemingly helpless crowd looking on. Pellew mounted an heroic rescue and almost all those on board were brought back to land, safely. As a result of his efforts was made a freeman of Plymouth and although not quite thirty, the king saw fit to reward the celebrated sailor with a baronetcy. Lord Exmouth became a national hero, his name remembered in many places, including here, in this long-gone Old Town Street inn on the corner of erstwhile Drake Street, (which appears to have opened soon after his death in 1833). By 1890, the pub had become the Three Towns Bank and was draper’s after that.


1852 - William Lang
1867 - Mrs M Lang
1873 - Ann Pederick
1880 - WHF Romia
1882 - R Ager
1885 - Mrs Butland