Lord Clyde

Born in Glasgow, the son of a carpenter, Colin Campbell was born in 1792, by the age of sixteen he had joined the Army and by the age of 21 had become a distinguished Captain and was twice badly wounded in the Peninsula War. Over forty years later he capped a brilliant career with victory at the Battle of Alma in the Crimean War, he played a major role in repelling the Russians at Balaclava. By this time he had already received a knighthood and in 1858, after commanding the British forces in India, he was created Baron Clyde. It is no great surprise, therefore, to find a pub named in his honour, in an area popular with servicemen, indeed the first landlord of this Martin Street pub (just off Union Street) was probably someone who had served under the great man (who died in 1863) at some point. The pub, incidentally, appears to have closed around 1903.


1865 - Richard Neale
1880 - George Hubbard
1890 - Walter Hall
1895 - William Wadlan