Lord Clarendon

It stood on the corner of Henry Street and Summerland Place, on a site now found in the north-western corner of Colin Campbell Court. Summerland Place formerly ran north from Union Street roughly parallel to the old embankment carrying the railway lines from Millbay Docks, while Henry Street was a short cul-de-sac that opened into Summerland Place and ended at the embankment.

A survivor of the war, the pub eventually closed in 1957 it’s last licensee, Archer Sherrell having seen it through those difficult years, and more besides – he was here more than thirty years!

Latterly an H&G Simonds house the pub was most likely named after Edward Hyde (1609-74), the Ist Earl of Clarendon, a prominent seventeenth century figure and notable academic who bequeathed the copyright of his publications to Oxford University (he was chancellor there from 1660-67) which enabled the establishment of the Clarendon Press.


1867 - Mrs Pricilla Hole
1880 - Mrs L Hardy
1890 - Tom Jones
1911 - Carrie Vivian
1921 - Harry Vivian
1924 - Archer Sherrell