Lamb Inn (Navy Row)

When Albert Road was first laid out in the middle of the nineteenth century, in the wake of the creation of the Keyham Steam Yard, it was known as Navy Row, and, not surprisingly, a number of the properties that sprang up along that thoroughfare were pubs. A few of them are still there 150 years or so later, however one or two were rather short lived, and one of the shortest lived of them all was the Lamb.

Standing on the north side of the street, just down from the junction with Ross Street, this was one of three little Lambs in the Three Towns at that time, there was another in Treville Street, Plymouth, and a third in Queen Street, Devonport (Navy Row being in Morice Town and not Devonport).

Ann Jope was the first recorded licensee and she was succeeded by Charles Jope (son, brother or husband?) however within ten years Charles had converted the premises to a greengrocer’s.


1850 - Ann Jope
1852 - Charles Jope