King’s Arms

There is a sign at the end of Mutley Plain that reads “1 mile to the King’s Arms” and which is thought by many to refer to the King’s Head at Bretonside, in doesn’t, however the pub it does concern stood only a few yards to the east of the King’s Head – on the corner of what was White Cross Street and is now an extension of Moon Street.

The King’s Arms, in its prime, had been an important posting house, not surprising perhaps when you consider its location, that, in the early days of the postal service, was right on the eastern edge of Plymouth on the main road out of town bound for Exeter or London. Interestingly enough Fred Ellis also ran a Cab business.

Variously listed as being in Britonside, Exeter Street and White Cross Street, the King’s Arms stood opposite the Regent (now known as the Swallow) and it would appear that time was called there for the last time in 1935.


1847 - W Rivers
1850 - Sumld. Staniford
1852 - Alfred Browne
1864 - James Hubber
1867 - S Bunker
1873 - Thomas Wyatt
1888 - Frederick Ellis
1895 - Mrs S Ellis
1911 - Mrs S
1920 - John Eddy
1922 - John Evans
1924 - Albert Newton
1925 - Edwin Swain
1928 - Charles Blake
1929 - Francis Pickard
1932 - Walter Clements