King’s Arms (Vintry Street)

Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses account for countless pub names around the British Isles and invariably there is often a good deal of repetition, certainly, over the years Plymouth has had a number of King’s Heads and King’s Arms. There was, for many years, one of each at Bretonside; one – the King’s Head – still survives, the other, closed before the war, is still remembered in an ancient sign at the end of Mutley Plain.

Somewhat confusingly for much of the later part of the nineteenth century at least, there was a second King’s Arms, just a few hundred winding yards away at the other end of what is now Vauxhall Street and which was then Vintry Street. This King’s Arms projected somewhat conspicuously into the road from the bottom western corner of Lower Batter Street.


1852 - James Mulleny
1865 - Whittle & Co. Ale and Porters
1890 - Joseph Burd