King and Queen

Cornwall Street (originally North Corner Street), was one of the first streets of domestic and commercial housing to be built in Devonport. Running parallel to the northern wall of first phase of the Dockyard it was not just busy on account of it being an early development but also because men working in the yard and either living on the other side of the river (at Torpoint) or in hulks moored in the Hamoaze, would have walked the street on their way in and out of work, arriving at and leaving from the pontoon at the bottom of the street on Cornwall Beach.

The King and Queen was, not surprisingly therefore, one of a great many pubs and beer retailers that at one time or another lined the street. The name generally refers to King William and Queen Mary, but some signs depict chess pieces or playing cards.


1812 - Ann Jackson
1822 - Ann Fawkes
1830 - George Coram
1850 - Mary Evans
1852 - Bethuel Hutchings