Jury’s Inn

Time was when an inn was a modest roadside affair designed to accommodate passing travellers, most of them on foot, some perhaps on horseback … or on a donkey. And, along with food and lodging, early inns were required to provide stables and fodder for the traveller’s beasts.

In more recent years the term has been adapted to cover a much wider brief and with brands like the Holiday Inn chain, the term ‘inn’ has come to be applied to bigger and bigger premises and the Jury’s Inn chain is another example. Opened earlier this year Plymouth’s Jury’s Inn (one of over 20 to have been established since the first opened in 1993) has no stables and limited parking and is the latest in a phased expansion which will see seven more come on line in England over the next two years.

Seemingly a kind of pun on the courtroom expression ‘the jury’s out’, Jury’s Inns are owned by Quinland Private, an ‘international real estate and investment advisory group’ which was established in 1989.