Jolly Sailor

Time was when there were fifteen pubs in Cornwall Street and at right angles to it here at Cornwall Beach. Not surprisingly either as for many years this was the principal point of entry and departure for many visitors, trippers, merchantmen and sailors, to Cornwall, the South of England and numerous ports further afield.

Today only one of those pubs, the Steam Packet, remains as a licensed premises, the others have all long since gone, indeed with the exception of the Swan, which still stands as a residential property, all the other have long since been demolished, among them the “Jolly Sailor”.

A popular pub name in seaside locations for obvious reasons it would actually appear that the original “Jolly” was a Royal Marine, or rather one of the members of the Trained Bands for the City of London who regularly provided recruits for the Regiment of Sea Soliders before the Marine Corps was constituted.


1798 - Robert Burch
1812 - John Bews
1822 - William Hoare
1823 - John Hallen
1830 - John Cock
1850 - Elizabeth Cock
1852 - Edward Rowe
1862 - William Mudge