Jolly Bacchus

‘Jolly’ has long been a popular epithet with pub naming people and Plymouth, in its time has had the Jolly Sailor, the Jolly Young Waterman and the Jolly Tar, and further inland, at Estover we still have the most recent of them all, the Jolly Miller.

Clearly most of those mentioned reflect the Three Town’s maritime links, the Jolly Bacchus, meanwhile, is more directly related to the pub’s raison d’etre for Bacchus is/was the Roman god of wine. There are, around the country, one or two pubs that just bear his name, however our Jolly Bacchus (in Pembroke Street) is long gone, the last licensee we have record here, at No.20, was Mrs Rosina Treliving, at the beginning of the 1920s.


1838 - John Binford
1850 - Peter Earle
1864 - Mary Ann Towan
1873 - Thomas Hooper
1880 - S Eddy
1888 - D Philps
1890 - Samuel Aldrieve
1904 - George Terry
1913 - C Widdecombe
1919 - Rosina Treliving