Joiner’s Arms

As you turn off Cobourg Street, into Mayflower Street, heading west towards North Cross Roundabout, you pass a piece of ground upon which once stood the Joiner’s Arms. This seemingly short-lived licensed premises stood in what was then Milton Street – no trace of which survived the post war replanning of Plymouth.

Curiously enough it was a little to the north of, but unrelated to, South Milton Street in Cattedown and it connected Cobourg Street to Richmond Street via Milton Place.
For many years, around the time the pub was open, Thomas Jordan had a timber merchant’s premises in Milton Street and perhaps that’s why this pub was named in honour of the sort of woodworker who typically plies a form of the craft somewhere between that of a carpenter and a cabinet maker. Incidentally around the same time there was also was a Joiner’s Arms in St John Street, Devonport.


1857 - John Hine
1864 - WH Saunders