Jersey and Guernsey Packet

In the middle of the nineteenth century there stood on Sutton Wharf, the Jersey and Guernsey Packet. Sutton Wharf itself was then reasonably new having been laid down between 1813-15 and with a brewery – possibly known as the Foxhole (from which we later got Vauxhall) Brewery just in behind it, it was, of course, an obvious location for an inn.

At that time there were regular crossings to the Channel Islands, indeed the ‘Plymouth, Channel Islands and Brittany Steamship Company’ was still doing brisk business at the end of nineteenth century. However it appears that the inn may have been renamed the Sutton Harbour Inn long before that, quite possibly in the wake of the South Western Railway laying a line onto the wharf in the 1870s (the line terminated just beyond the pub and sections of track remain in place today).


1850 - Samuel Brown