Hoe Street Inn

No.15 Hoe Street would appear to have been a retail outlet of some description from the earliest days, certainly in 1862 it was the premises of Mary Cummings, a grocer, but her successor, Mrs Hambly introduced beer, and although listed as a beer retailer, it was described as being a grocers and a beer retailers by 1873.

Throughout most of the 1870s however, and right through to the start of the Great War, it was listed simply as a beer retailers and any thoughts that it may just have been an off license of sorts are dispelled by references to it as the Hoe Street Inn in the early twentieth century. Lewis Lidstone would appear to have been the last landlord here though and after he had called time it became a purely residential property. Today the site is buried beneath a block of post-war flats.


1865 - Mrs Hambly
1873 - HC Darley
1877 - GK Harris
1885 - James Davis
1895 - Mrs J Davis
1911 - Lewis Lidstone