Hobart Inn

A casualty of the last war, the Hobart Inn stood on the corner of East Street and Hobart Street, Stonehouse.

The Hobart would appear to have taken its name from the street – originally the terrace – that it was part of, and the street doubtless owes its name, directly or indirectly to Robert Hobart, the fourth Earl of Buckingham. Hobart (1760-1816) was Secretary for War and for the Colonies in 1804, when a settlement was established in Sullivan Cove, Tasmania, and named Hobart in his honour. A year earlier Gidley King had started a settlement on the estuary of the Derwent at Risdon, not long after George Bass had first explored what we now know as the Bass Strait.


1878 - Jesse Rogers
1901 - WH Hill
1911 - EH Bowden
1920 - Robert Heath
1922 - John Bavage
1927 - Mary Bavage
1927 - George Bulling
1938 - William Penrose
1940 - Sylvanus Robins
1942 - Reginald Harvey