HIgher Hampton Court Inn

Up until the Second World War there were, somewhat confusingly, two Hampton Court Inns in Plymouth – the Higher Hampton Court and the Lower Hampton Court Inn. The ‘higher’ of the two was in Regent Street, and the ‘lower’ in Clarence Street. Both are now buried beneath the development that hosts Plymouth College of Art and Design and in their day they more or less backed onto each other.

The Higher Hampton Court last renewed its annual license on 6 March 1939 and may somehow have been a casualty of the war, while its near neighbour, the Lower Hampton Court was still standing long after the war, and was rather a victim of the redevelopment of the area. The name while referencing the famous sixteenth century palace, more likely reflects the fact that nearby we have Hampton Street running up from Charles Cross Roundabout to Regent Street.


1873 - W Shaw
1893 - Mrs A Miller
1898 - Thomas Menhinick
1911 - J Morrish
1921 - Charles Olver
1926 - Elizabeth Ford
1938 - James Manning