Harvest Home

One of the more famous Plymouth pub names, there was a great deal of sadness at the end of November 1964 when the Harvest Home on the corner of Tavistock Road and Pound Street was demolished. However the Harvest Home in question here was in Fore Street, Stonehouse, now restyled as the western end of High Street.

At one time (mid-nineteenth century) one of six pubs in the first ten premises lining the north side of Fore Street, as you walked off Stonehouse Bridge, this Harvest Home didn’t survive as a pub into the twentieth century, rather its last landlady, Mary Warn, appears to have turned it into a lodging house in the late 1870s.

The name, Harvest Home, still exists in other parts of the country and tends to be a reference to the once very popular harvest festival.


1850 - Leonard Turner
1856 - Stephen Crouch
1862 - Benjamin Farrant
1865 - James Martin
1873 - William Newton
1877 - Mary Warn