Ha Da Ba

Sitting right alongside Ride Cafe, Ha Da Ba (the name would appear to be an oblique reference to a hill in Egyptian, in deference to one of the owners of the establishment) on the corner of Regent Street and Tavistock Place is another recent and popular addition to the collection of student bars that have sprung up around the University and the Plymouth College of Art and Design.

The Ride bars themselves, the two here and Ride North Hill, the Roundabout, the Skiving Skolar, Cuba, the Bac Bar and the Pit, plus Fuel and Carpe Diem on North Hill, have all appeared in recent years and while pubs in other parts of town have been facing challenges in the current climate, those in this area and along Mutley Plain, appear to have thrived.
With its popular shisha pipes and little-altered terraced house layout Ha Da Ba encourages a house party atmosphere and is sufficiently quirky to ensure its ongoing popularity with the student fraternity.