Green Dragon

It stood in erstwhile Richmond Street, on a site that would put it today in Armada Way, between Cornwall Street and Mayflower Street (and nearer the latter). Richmond Street ran in a southwesterly direction from Cobourg Street down to the bottom of York Street, which also had a junction with Cobourg Street, but ran almost due south from it.

At one time in the nineteenth century there were half a dozen pubs or beerhouses in Richmond Street, and the Green Dragon was one of those that did not survive into the twentieth century, indeed it appears to have ceased operating as a pub in the late 1860s. The name Green Dragon, incidentally, is generally a nod in the direction of the earls of Pembroke and there are several still trading around the country today.


1823 - William Jallard
1830 - John Wall
1844 - John Gibbons
1847 - Robert Marshall
1852 - James Massy
1857 - John Carlile
1862 - J Browning
1865 - Thomas Gordon