Great Western Hotel

Located on the north side of Millbay Road, the Great Western appears to have been a short-lived affair that opened in the wake of the arrival of the Bruenl’s Great Western Docks and Great Western Railway at Millbay (the station stood on the site of the Pavilions) and predated both the Albion (Continental) and Duke of Cornwall, but which closed soon after the latter was built.

Not to be confused with the much later Great Western Hotel in Union Street (part of the New Palace Theatre complex), this was a relatively modest affair and stood on the western corner of Bath Street. Although the story of Millbay Road is shrouded in a confusing mist of number changes that took place around 1870, the Great Western appears to have closed its doors around that time.


1852 - Joseph Bennett
1862 - James Moggridge
1865 - Ann Lean
1867 - Elizabeth Moggridge