Golden Lion (Bath Street)

As is often the case with pub names, if you find an example in both Devonport and Plymouth there is a chance you will also find one in the Stonehouse area and certainly it is on the fringes of Stonehouse that we find this pub on the corner of Bath Street and Millbay Road. Fore Street and Old Town Street, respectively were the addresses of the other, notably more ancient Golden Lions, while there was also an Old Golden Lion in Kinterbury Street. A popular enough pub name across England, it is generally an heraldic reference dating back to Henry I.

It’s interesting to note that the first licensee we have record of here, William Row, was originally listed as a dairyman, but made the switch to being a beer retailer around 1866 and thereby set the style of No.1 Bath Street for the next forty years, until it was transformed into a ‘refreshment house’ in the early part of the twentieth century.


1867 - William Row
1873 - John Black
1877 - William Gulliver
1880 - R Tremlett
1885 - J Job
1890 - John Nottle
1895 - D Weeks