Golden Ball

For more than forty years the Three Towns had a pair of Golden Balls, one in Devonport, just to the south and west of the mini-roundabout in front of the Forum, and the other in Granby Street. Somewhat confusingly that’s not Granby Street that sits up behind the Forum, but the erstwhile Granby Street, Plymouth, that ran between Octagon Street and Flora Street, just south of King Street.

Today the street and the name has disappeared from the map and the pub site sits in the middle of the northern part of the Flora Court development. Interestingly enough, one of the licensees here, George Martin, also had a carpentry business on the other side of the street at the same time, perhaps he worked eight days a week.

The pub appears to have called last orders sometime around 1910.


1862 - William Hammett
1885 - E Wall
1890 - Thomas Butler
1895 - George Martin
1903 - H Alton