Gloucester Arms

It stood on the south western corner of the junction of Ross Street and Gloucester Street on a site half-way between Pym Street and Park Street. Gloucester Street, one of the first streets laid out to support the development of Keyham Steam Yard in the middle of the nineteenth century, has long since gone and only part of Ross Street now survives, on the other side of Albert Road.

The Gloucester Arms was one of four corner pubs in Gloucester Street, the others being the Builder’s Arms, on the corner of Charlotte Street, and the Prince Teck and Victory which stood on opposite sides of the junction with Garden Street. Only the Victory and the Gloucester survived the Second World War, however both fell victim to the redevelopment of this part of Morice Town in 1950s.


1844 - JA Tregar
1857 - Joseph Hocking
1867 - Jonas Adams
1882 - Richard Ellis
1903 - Alfred Tremlett
1931 - Mrs Evelyn Hyde
1937 - Harley Johns
1949 - Ernest Carey
1959 - Robert Wright
1956 - Alfred Nicholas
1956 - Lily Nicholas