There were, at one time, four pubs in Market Street, Devonport; the Market House Inn, the Post Office Inn, the Wheatsheaf and the Globe. There were after all a lot of pubs in Devonport generally and the proximity to the market would have ensured a healthy trade. Like so many of the pubs there though soldiers and sailors would undoubtedly have provided a regular source of income and doubtless many of them, in the course of duty, had seen more of the Globe than most mortals.

Open during the Napoleonic Wars, Crimean War, Boer War and Great War, the Globe closed in the late twenties, time being called here and compensation being paid out early in 1929. Located in that stretch of Market Street between Cross Street and South Street, it stood on a site that currently stands well inside the Dockyard extension wall of the 1950s.


1812 - Peter Yeo
1823 - J Stevens
1830 - William Edwards
1838 - John Braund
1864 - Rider Hodge
1873 - Nicholas Furseman
1880 - H Chapis
1885 - J Churchward
1888 - Thomas Squire
1890 - Charles Bentley
1893 - Mrs E Alger
1898 - WH Adams
1921 - Mrs J Adams
1923 - Sidney Bavage
1925 - Harry Glanville
1927 - Percival Gilbert