Gibraltar Inn (New Street)

People think that there are a lot of pubs around Sutton Harbour today, but at the beginning of the nineteenth century, when the area we now know as the Barbican more or less embraced the whole of the old town of Plymouth, there were even more, indeed in New Street, Castle Street, Lambhay Hill and the area in between there were at one time or another over 20 such places. However they were much smaller generally than the pubs of today. The Gibraltar was in New Street (along with the Hampshire Hog, Anchor & Hope, Robin Hood and East & West Country Houses). Doubtless it was an old salt who named and perhaps opened the establishment and it’s interesting to note that the first licensee whom we have a record of was here exactly 100 years after the British and Dutch first took the island in 1704.


1804 - James Campbell
1830 - John Hitch