George Inn

It closed just after the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations had died down, on 3rd January 1927. In its day the George had been one of a good many Pembroke Street pubs, one in every six premises in the 100-plus properties in the street was licensed for the sale of one sort of alcohol or another. The George itself held a publican’s licence, putting it a little ahead of the numerous beerhouses here.

The street has been much rebuilt in recent years but judging from the date in the cornice it was earlier too, at least this building was – in 1900. Doubtless named to commemorate on of the Georges who ruled Britain 1714 and 1830 – it appears that up until 1830 No.13 Pembroke Street, seemingly this premises, was known as the Lord Collingwood, a name that it had enjoyed for some years.

A private residence in the years leading up to the war, it was demolished soon after this photo was taken in 1953. The site of the pub today is on the north side of the school playground at the western end of Pembroke Street.


1822 - Richard Bray
1830 - Joseph Wadelton
1838 - John Dunstan
1852 - Thomas Stevens
1864 - William Court
1873 - Samuel Murch
1878 - J Pinsent
1882 - R Raymont
1885 - James Griffen
1890 - Henry Annis
1901 - James Murton
1905 - Joseph Brown
1906 - W Marsh
1907 - J Hanley
1913 - W Bartlett
1915 - Richard Rendle
1924 - Edwin Holden
1924 - Janie Richards