George and Dragon (Stonehouse Lane)

It stood on the corner of Neswick Ope in what was originally Stonehouse Lane: its life as a pub appears to have been even more short lived than the other two George and Dragons that existed in the Three Towns in the middle of the nineteenth century (by Devonport Market and in Exeter Street). After being vacant for part of the late-1870s it had become the base of J Dart, Ironmonger, by 1880, curiously enough around the same time that Neswick Ope had been rechristened Foundry Ope – there were a couple of foundries in the immediate area; one off Octagon Street and one in Stonehouse Lane itself. The site today marks part of the landscaped area around the 1950s star flat development in King Street (formerly Stonehouse Lane) and King’s Court (formerly Neswick or Foundry Ope).

The only licensee we can find record of is Eliza Vernon who was apparently here from at least 1852 through to at least 1867.