George and Dragon (Devonport)

Standing facing the busy junction at the back of Devonport Market, it would seem that the George and Dragon was an early victim of the success of the market. Although there is no clear evidence it rather looks as though the building was demolished in the 1850s to accommodate the extra traffic generated by the opening of the Market in 1852 at the junction that was the meeting place of four thoroughfares: James Street, Duke Street, Northbrook Street and Catherine Street.

It also appears that one of the last licensees here was an actor/publican who would later make his mark on Union Street – James Doel. The story goes that he loved to hold court with make up and a black wig and a collection of stage mementoes that he had built up over the years.

Time was, incidentally, when there was also a George and Dragon in Exeter Street, Plymouth.


1822 - William Dustin
1830 - John Redmore
1838 - William Ellis
1850 - Leonard Philp
1852 - Richard Charlick
1852 - James Doel
1856 - Thomas Boon