Garibaldi Inn

One of half a dozen or so pubs in York Street, the first time we find mention of a pub at No21 is when Joseph Jillard is named as a beer retailer and mason here in 1862. It is not entirely clear if the premises was then known as the Garibaldi, but certainly that was around the time that Giuseppe Garibaldi, the celebrated Italian patriot, was very active. In 1860, accompanied by a thousand ‘Red Shirts’ he conquered Sicily and Naples, and thereby helped unify Italy: then, in 1862, he lead an expedition (the first of two unsuccessful missions as it transpired) to liberate Rome from Papal rule.

One wonders if Mr Jillard had Continental or Mediterranean connections, as he certainly had a French surname. Whatever the explanation of the pub name, No21 continued to sell alcohol up until 1914, around the time that the Great War began.


1862 - Joseph Jillard
1880 - J Kidger
1885 - Samuel Tregeagle
1895 - William Cox
1898 - Sydney Middlewich
1903 - F Hawken
1907 - N Penter
1911 - W Bowden