Friendship Inn

Not a particularly common pub name by any means, Plymouth is perhaps a little unusual in having had two Friendships. Both date from the middle of the nineteenth century – when one was in the developing part of the town above Sherwell Church, and the other, here, in the then growing part of Morice Town, Devonport, in what was Navy Row and is now Albert Road.

Joseph Stivey was the recorded licensee of this modest freehouse on the corner of Ross Street, in the 1850s and he was to stay for more than fifteen years, a feat that several of his successors subsequently surpassed, with Elizabeth Janes Feabes enjoying the longest run from 1902-1945.


1857 - Joseph Stivey
1875 - Miss L Rosevear
1882 - J Smith
1888 - Henry Woolbray
1895 - Mrs Tozer
1902 - Mrs Jane Feabes
1945 - James Squire
1963 - Margaret Wood
1963 - Ernest Wood
1963 - Anthony Nichols
1983 - Michael Shepherd
1983 - Gary Lovell
1987 - Tony Moy
1992 - Janet Cheesewright
1994 - Paul Race