Friendship Inn (Cannon Street)

It stood on the north side of Cannon Street, a little to the east of the few remaining old properties in the street, adjacent to the erstwhile King Street junction – roughly where the school buildings edge Cannon Street today.

One of several Friendships in the Three Towns, this was the first to close, the licensee, Mabel Fettis, and the leaseholders, Starkey Knight and Ford, having been compensated for the closure prior to redevelopment, in January 1927 – the property was part of the St Aubyn Estate.

Mabel had been at the Friendship for some time, the previous licensee, the late Robert Fletcher (pictured here with Mabel and their son Douglas), having been her first husband (he died in 1921) and before that, her father, Joseph Hawke, had been the landlord here in Cannon Street.


1867 - Alice Robinson
1877 - AE Saunders
1880 - Mrs EA Snow
1885 - William Sheer
1898 - Theodosius Boughton
1907 - John Bowyer
1911 - HB Davey
1914 - Joseph Hawke
1920 - Robert Fletcher
1921 - Mabel Fletcher (Fettis)