Fox and Goose

In the late eighteenth century, when a Mrs Collins was the licensee of the Fox and Goose in Frankfort Street her pub would have been quite possibly the last one on the western route out of town. The busy thoroughfare led straight into Stonehouse Lane and onto the growing town of Stonehouse itself. In later years parts of the street were redeveloped on more than one occasion and by the mid-nineteenth century there were six inns in Frankfort Street.
The Fox and Goose however had either closed or been renamed, which is a shame as the name is a traditional one generally either referencing a form of the board game Nine Men’s Morris, which in turn derived from a popular medieval satirical tale – Reynard the Fox.

Interestingly enough, in 1812, landlord John Kelland was cautioned for allowing actors to perform theatricals in the pub in defiance of the law.


1798 - Mrs Collins
1804 - John Kelland