Fountain Inn

This public house appears clearly on the map used by Southcombe Parker in his 1918 survey of Plymouth’s antiquities as ‘The Fountain Inn PH’ and as such it’s just a stone’s throw from the erstwhile Sutton Harbour Inn around the corner, overlooking the harbour, and just a few yards from the long gone Royal William on the south-western corner of Vauxhall Street and Looe Street – which was removed when the road was widened a very long time ago.

The Fountain itself was removed when the current flats were built here before the war, but it would appear that the pub had long since ceased to be reason for the late-eighteenth century building’s existence. It stood just around the halfway mark between Vauxhall Street and the front line of the buildings facing Sutton wharf, where the entrance to the rear courtyard of the flats is today.


1862 - T Wallace