Fountain Inn (Fore Street)

Just as street names in the past, in any area, readily took account of local wells, (Finewell, Buckwell, Woolwell for a few local examples) so too pubs often embraced the notion of a fountain in their name. Wells, springs and fountains were important sources of drinking water in the days before piped water and calling an inn a ‘fountain’ was the landlord’s or brewery’s easiest way to buy into the thirst quenching concept – some would have had a real fountain close by, but not all of them. The fountain is also part of the heraldic imagery for the Honourable Company of Master Mariners (along with Drake’s Golden Hind), adding to its popularity in a naval port.

Stonehouse, Plymouth and Devonport all had their “Fountains” and Devonport’s was in Fore Street, opposite the Dockyard gates. Once known as the Naval Rendezvous, it was pulled down long ago to make way for the massive Sailor’s Rest that occupied this site until the Blitz of Devonport.


1791 - John Sole
1822 - John Whiteway
1830 - James Rogers
1838 - Thomas Skinner
1867 - Martha Skinner
1870 - Stephen Borer
1873 - James Rider
1877 - J Sollis