Forester’s Pride

Flora Street once boasted a pub called the Pride of the Forest, while closer to the heart of old Plymouth, in Lower Street, there was once a pub called the Forester’s Pride. Just off Harbour Avenue and next to what served for a time as a Police Station – on the corner of Lower Street – the Forester’s, at No.23 appears only to have had a brief spell as a pub, little more than thirty years.

Devonport also had a pub with a Forest themed name, and Plympton still does, the title generally being connected with the Ancient Order of Foresters, a friendly society which can trace its origins back beyond the end of the eighteenth century. It was common, apparently, for the society’s lodges or courts to meet in inns or taverns. The pub appears to have closed around 1905.


1873 - Sam Boulden
1888 - John Tremblett
1898 - N Cole