Forester’s Arms

There are still several, typical, mid-nineteenth century pubs on the north side of Albert Road, but time was when there were one or two on the south side too. Among them the St Aubyn Arms, right at the bottom almost opposite the Dockyard Gate and further up on the corner of Garden Street, the Forester’s Arms.

Today only the northern section of Garden Street remains, the southern stretch having lost its original buildings and then been significantly widened to accommodate Park Avenue, the new thoroughfare that cut though Devonport Park and forged a new link between Devonport and Morice Town. The Forester’s stood on a site now covered by the left hand lanes approaching Albert Road (Navy Row until 1866) from Devonport.


1850 - George Burgess
1852 - Ann Gattive
1862 - Thomas Peardon
1880 - Mrs E Williams
1888 - Harry Sargeret
1895 - Harry Trice
1898 - A Banbury
1900 - R Corner
1901 - Henry Hawking
1907 - C Richards
1914 - A Short
1920 - GM Harris
1921 - Benjamin Lugg
1924 - George Pike
1929 - Ernest Jones
1942 - James Leonard