Flying Horse

There are a number of Flying Horse pubs/inns dotted around the country many dating from the golden age of horse-drawn coach travel when firms vied with each other to provide the fastest link between towns, generally requiring several changes of horse along the way. It was quite common to refer to the coaches involved as ‘flying machines’ and the horses, by inference, thus became ‘flying horses’.

The ultimate reference point of course being Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology who was sired by the horse god Poseidon, foaled by the Gordon Medusa and famously ridden by Bellerophon – he also had a brother, Chrysaor.

The pub, long gone now, stood in Mount Street, between Pembroke Street and Ker Street.


1862 - James Wright
1877 - MA Wright
1880 - A Stiff
1885 - J Luker
1893 - Frederick Anderson
1898 - James Pengelly
1903 - F Sarney
1907 - S Joslin